Fall 2015 Staff [Crafted Dissonance]

Cara Miller [Queen of Operations]: English Professor

  • Cara enjoys writing, reading, teaching, eating stale Halloween candy, singing along with the car radio, and being with her family — but not in that order. Working with the Literary Arts Magazine has given her a new appreciation for students’ creativity and task management.

Krista Hein [Chief Distressor]: Senior Family Science & Writing Major

  • Krista spends much of her time enjoying and getting lost in stories of all forms. She loves long walks on the beach stupid jokes and will laugh at essentially anything.

Kate Brock [Ambassador to the People]: Senior Music Business & Creative Writing Double Major

  • An avid NPR addict, Kate spends her free time researching for her first novel and dancing the Time Warp. (Just to relieve stress.) She personally finds that the best pick-me-up in her writing routine is a dry cappuccino.

Serena Ellens [Ambassador for the People]: Sophomore English Major, and Writing & History Minor

  • A lover of words, Jesus, soy pumpkin spice lattes, and guacamole, Serena delights in the little things in life and always finds time to read or write on her blog.

Amanda Meyer [Paper Sooth-Sayer]: Sophomore English Major, Spanish and Writing Minor

  • I love language and words and their ability to communicate all of life to others. I love reading, culture, cats, winter, and socks. I will steal your jokes and I never push in my chair.

Deeanna Owen [Paper Sooth-Sayer]: Junior Cinema and Media Arts Major with a Writing Minor

  • Deeanna enjoys adventure fiction novels and action suspense films, spending time with her friends and family, and is an enormous fan of The Muppets.

Jordan Schmidt [Design Tsar]: Senior English Major and Writing Minor

  •  A writer at heart, Jordan enjoys cultivating her own stories, reading novels from different cultural perspectives, and getting in the mind of the characters. She has a weakness for fashion and her greatest nemesis is a blinking cursor.